Why a spiral logo?

On studying the inside of a shell, the world-renowned Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci once said of the spiral “It is the most perfect shape in nature.”
From the beginning of time, the spiral shape has been used on the cave walls of primitive artists.  The Aboriginals in Australia, the San people in Southern Africa and the Indian tribes in South America all used the spiral as a symbol of perfection and eternity.  The young child when first beginning to scribble often develops a “spiral-like” design as he or she develops finer motoric skills.

The choice of the spiral to represent mental health is very appropriate as it is considered by many to be the perfect shape.  It is also an open-ended shape with a beginning and an end but the spiral repeats itself which is indicative of self-assessment and self-improvement / development.  The spiral used in the context of mental health and Deafness gives one the idea of striving for perfection within a very sound support system as to enable the client / person to reach fulfilment.