Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of Deaf persons and their families

Non Profit Organization: Reg nr 164-239 NPO

Deaf persons and their families are faced with enormous communication barriers when they need to access mental health care and services. The risk is that they are misdiagnosed, which results in inappropriate treatment.

Communication difficulties often lead to the incorrect use of medication. Lack of Deaf friendly information contributes to years of suffering of Deaf persons from conditions that can be treated effectively over a short period of time. Psychiatrists and psychologists specialising in mental health and deafness identified several Deaf-specific concerns mental health professionals should be aware of when diagnosing and prescribing treatment.


– provides a network and database for mental health professionals and workers who render services to Deaf persons and their families who experience mental health difficulties. This national and international network offers the opportunity to exchange and broaden knowledge and expertise beneficial for both service providers and users (Deaf persons and their families) of services – promotes positive health and wellbeing for Deaf persons and their families through deaf friendly information and support to mental health service providers – advocates Sign Language proficiency amongst mental health professionals and workers – supports the training of Deaf persons in mental health professions – organise and coordinate special interest groups or forums e.g. hearing parents with Deaf children, deaf parents with hearing children, Deaf children with hearing parents, hearing children with Deaf parents, Deaf professionals in mental health, teachers of Deaf learners, health and wellbeing forum, medication concerns -identify areas for research and liaise with research and training centres – strife to build a diverse and committed membership basis.



A new initiative for Deaf friendly Mental Health programs and services at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels have commenced in collaboration with academic departments and mental health professionals.

This initiative aims to engage all relevant parties to join the outreach to D/deaf and Deafblind communities, schools, vulnerable people, and families who may benefit from having access to mental health programs and services at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, and to enjoy optimal health and well-being.